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When you get married in Mexico...
We know how to help you plan a great event! Our goal is to ensure that your wedding will be simple and stress free and beautiful and memorable. When you make your wedding in one of our properties, we can suggest a variety of different types of ceremonies and decorations, and implementing unique ideas.

  • Weddings in playa del carmen
    Hold a ceremony (not civil, not legal, not religious): We can organize any type of ceremony for the bride and groom exchange their vows. We can do it in a traditional or original, from the simple to the extravagant. They can plan in whatever way you imagine it. We will work to satisfy any desire you may have. Our professional wedding coordinators can give you great ideas and different ways to celebrate the wedding. If you want to consummate a legal or religious wedding in Mexico, we recommend you stay away from our wedding coordinators. Getting married in Mexico is easy, but there are legal requirements and documents involved.

  • Weddings in playa del carmen
    Civil Ceremony / Legal: This type of ceremony is available 7 days a week, any time you choose. If you want your marriage to be recognized as legal in your country, you must perform a civil ceremony. You can also combine is a legal part of the ceremony with a religious wedding. Although civil weddings are legal in Mexico, you legalize your marriage in your country of origin / residence. Do this by registering your marriage certificate to your local council or court as you return to your home.

  • Weddings in playa del carmen
    Religious or symbolic: Ceremonies Catholic, Jewish or no religion (among members of different religions) are available alone or in conjunction with a civil ceremony. Our wedding coordinators can give you all the details, and even have a cleric.

  • Mayan Ceremony: An authentic Mayan wedding is Celebrated by a Mayan Shaman in Maya. A Mayan Wedding can range from a simple ritual ceremony to a very Elaborate wedding service. When we plan to Mayan Ceremony, we book authentic Mayan Shamans to Perform wedding ceremonies authentic. For an authentic Mayan wedding ceremony (Which can include handmade wedding clothes), we require a minimum of 90 days to prepare. The Mayan wedding is
    Weddings in playa del carmen
    Considered a link to the cosmos Which Follows the current Weddings in Playa del Carmen Traditions practiced by the Maya from the Yucatan Peninsula. It is officiated by an authentic Mayan Shaman, in Maya. A translator is provided when to meeting the Shaman to Understand the spirituality of the wedding and Its Mayan symbolism ...SEE PHOTOS | READ MORE

  • The wedding of sand: can be a non-religious ceremony or a ceremony incorporated into any religion. This is one of the favorites in today's weddings. The Marriage of sand are ideal for outdoor ceremonies or at the beach. With a variety of styles and many options to customize, your wedding will be unique. I recommend watching the following video:

Legal ceremonies / civil are conducted by a judge who leads them in Spanish, and translated into English by our wedding coordinator. The symbolic and religious ceremonies are performed by a minister, who leads them in English. Other ceremonies may be conducted in the language of your choice. Ceremonies civil, legal and religious require the following: (our professional wedding coordinator can help you with every detail):

  • Valid Passport: Passport is required to enter Mexico and is also required to perform a legal wedding. Passports must be presented to the wedding coordinator at the time of counseling.
  • Tourist Card: This is delivered to the aircraft before arrival at Cancun International Airport. The names on the tourist card and passport must be the same
  • Blood test: Blood tests for legal ceremonies / civil in Mexico need to be made according to law. A licensed physician conducting tests in a private room of the hotel.
  • Four witnesses with official identification with photo (if you need, we can take the controls).
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